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Northbury British School Kano is one of the leading International Schools in Kano located at No 1 Ibrahim Dabo Street, Tarauni, Kano. A serene and secured learning environment that provides pupils/students with unique and exceptional learning experiences with state-of-the-art facilities, well-trained teachers and classroom technologies. Our pupils and students are prepared to take on life challenges for self-development as well as becoming an integral part of societal development.

Northbury - Farm center road - 08039647202 - hello@northbury.sch.ng


A Serene And Secured Learning Environment.‚Äč

  1. Demonstrate high quality teaching with innovative technologies, to personalize learning for all pupils/students.
  2. Build leaders for a sustainable future
  3. Create a positive, safe and nurturing environment, that inspires a strong sense of community
  4. Foster resilient and respectful friendships, underpinned by our North bury Core Values


Resilience, Respect, And Independence

  • educationally prepared for the future;
  • engaged and responsible lifelong learners;
  • literate and numerate;
  • able to solve problems and think critically and creatively.


We Aim To Develop Students Socially‚Äč

  • skilled in managing relationships;
  • respectful to self, others and the environment;
  • kind, caring and compassionate;
  • resilient and adaptable;
  • confident, happy and active local and global citizens
  1. Friendliness – being kind and caring to others*
  2. Respect – polite and thoughtful in dealing with others*
  3. Integrity – consistent in words and actions*
  4. Everyone Co-operates – getting along with others*
  5. Never-Give-Up-Attitude – persistence*
  6. Diversity – accepting differences*
  7. Support – helping others*

— Grade 8 Student from Northbury British School

Northbury British School Kano is one of the leading International Schools in Kano located at No 1 Ibrahim Dabo Street, Tarauni. A serene and secured learning environment.

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